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How to manage the massive use of unqualified supermarket plastic bags?

2020-09-30 10:02:02

Some people say that plastic bags can be regarded as one of the worst inventions of mankind. It is as light as a feather, but as "heavy" as Mount Tai. Because it is convenient and easy to use, and the cost is low, even though people know that they pollute the environment, they find a better alternative for a while. Therefore, despite the environmentalists’ voices, the "plastic restriction order" has been issued, and Jilin and other places have even upgraded it to a "plastic ban order", but people still give up the "complex" of plastic bags.

Small plastic bags are so tricky, reflecting the complexity and long-term nature of environmental protection work. Just relying on "wishful thinking", no matter how strong and powerful the administrative "iron fist", hits the fluttering plastic bag, it will inevitably be embarrassing and helpless. Many “little things” related to environmental protection, such as littering and open-air barbecues, are just like plastic bags, seemingly trivial, but it takes a lot of time to manage them. In the final analysis, it is determined by our current level of development and civilization. It is ultimately the manifestation of people's own qualities and ideas in daily life and behavior.

20% off continuous roll garbage bag production

Specifically, how can we not only block the production source of disposable non-degradable plastic products, but also find a practical solution: for example, can we comprehensively use financial and tax policies and other economic levers to support degradable and environmentally friendly plastic products manufacturers? , To help them reduce, encourage companies to develop durable, affordable alternatives to consumers. You can also refer to foreign practices to reward the behavior of consciously disposable non-degradable plastic products, promote the green environmental protection behavior around you, and cultivate environmental awareness and improve environmental literacy. At the same time, in policy measures, we should listen more to public opinion, fully strive for the understanding and support of the whole society, draw on the wisdom of the people, mobilize the forces of the whole society, and form a good social atmosphere that supports the adherence to environmental protection.


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