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Convenience bag manufacturers teach you how to choose and use correctly

2020-09-30 10:10:22

The simple way to distinguish plastic bags is to "smell" and smell if there is any peculiar smell. Plastic bag manufacturers should not have any taste. Unqualified black garbage bags will have various additives because of the addition of additives. Unpleasant smell. The plastic convenient bag made of material has good strength and will not break if it is torn. The unqualified plastic bag is just the opposite, it is easy to break, and it will break if the weight is too large. When you are unable to determine whether the plastic you are using is safe, please do not use it to hold hot food. High temperature can quickly soften the plastic bag and cause harmful substances to separate out, which is caused by the plastic bag. One of the ways to reduce harm.

Four-color sorting garbage bag

Plastic bags have become daily necessities in every family. Most of the products used in the market are customized and produced by plastic bag manufacturers. The raw material of the customized plastic bag is made of polyethylene film, which is not available, so it can be used to hold food. The other is made of polyvinyl chloride film. Polyvinyl chloride itself is asexual, but the additives in the production process of polyvinyl chloride are harmful substances to the human body.

Everyone knows that plastic bags are indispensable in our daily life. Custom-made plastic bags bring great convenience to our travel and life, but they also bring harm to our bags. So in this It needs to be identified and used in the process.


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