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Summary of the recycling process of plastic packaging waste

2020-09-30 10:17:09

With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to packaging. Now product packaging has become a part of commodities. For Yingkou shopping bag manufacturers, plastics have good physical and chemical properties of black garbage bags, good mechanical properties, free modeling, and good printability, making them the choice for packaging goods. At present, the annual output of plastics exceeds 100 million tons, and packaging accounts for 30% of the entire market.

Black garbage bag

The key to the rapid development of plastic packaging is that its material performance and price ratio exceeds that of today’s materials. However, after the product is used, the packaging is discarded. From the perspective of its recycling process, this material is not easy to recycle, and It is not easy to decompose, and a large amount of discarded plastic will cause serious pollution of the social environment and cause many serious social problems. Plastic packaging waste has accounted for 85 of the waste plastics. Therefore, recycling and recycling technologies have also attracted more and more attention from the society.


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