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Common sense of the use of supermarket shopping bags

2020-09-30 10:18:47

The use of shopping bags in supermarkets is common in life. We will use plastic bags in all aspects such as shopping or storing items at home. Environmentally-friendly garbage bags Yingkou supermarket bags. However, due to the various types of plastic bags and people do not have a good understanding of them, there are also many problems. Today we will talk about the selection of supermarket shopping bags, a few tips that people must know.

Using plastic bags to contain food products is a common method used by many stalls, so how to choose plastic bags for this type of food? Plastic bags containing hot food and other foods must not be colored, and they must be firm, so as to better protect people's health. When buying plastic bags for this kind of food, the merchants go to the wholesale store to buy them, and choose plastic bags that meet the quality requirements.

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In terms of plastic bags we use at home, we have to choose and use different plastic bags, and the thickness of the plastic bag is also different for the weight of the goods it can hold. Choose better plastic bags for heavier items, or take a few plastic bags. These seemingly simple methods can actually bring effective protection to our safety to a large extent. When the plastic bag is idle or damaged, don't throw it away in a hurry. It can be packed as a bag, which is also a good way to use waste.

At present, the usage and utilization rate of plastic bags in our lives are still very high. As one of the items in our lives, plastic bags also bring a lot of convenience to our lives. However, if we want to make better use of the plastic bag in your hand and make it better serve your life, then we should better understand and master a lot of knowledge about the use of plastic bags.

Commonly used food plastic bags are mostly made of polyethylene film, which is not available, so it can be used to hold food. There is also a kind of film made of polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl chloride itself is also non-sexual, but the additives added according to the purpose of the film are often harmful substances to the human body and have certain properties. Therefore, this kind of film and plastic bags made of the film are not suitable for holding food. If you want to distinguish between polyvinyl chloride plastic bags and polyethylene plastic bags, the following simple method can be used for identification.

1. Polyethylene film (asexual)

The film is milky white, translucent (obviously observed when several layers are stacked), and it feels smooth to the touch. It seems to be coated with a wax layer on the surface, shakes hard, the sound is brittle, it is flammable in fire, the flame is yellow, and mucus drips when it burns. And there is the smell of candles burning.

2. Polyvinyl chloride film (generally sexual)

If no pigment is added, it is transparent, and the surface is a little sticky to the touch, vibrates vigorously, the sound is low, and it is not easy to burn in case of fire. It will go out immediately after leaving the flame and the flame will be green.


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