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The difference between special environmentally-friendly garbage bags for garbage and ordinary garbage bags

2020-12-23 14:35:13

In the past two sessions, representatives from various regions have proposed solutions to urban garbage pollution. Among them, the use of a large number of ordinary plastic garbage bags in garbage classification projects has become the focus. The bag has a clear demand: environmentally-friendly garbage bags.

To this end, Hongwei Environmental Protection launched a special sorting garbage bag for the urban garbage sorting project in 2019. What are the advantages of this product compared with ordinary garbage bags? The editor briefly summarized today:

1. Advanced technology and high quality

Users who have used common black garbage bags know that black garbage bags generally have a pungent smell, and their load-bearing and sealing properties are relatively inferior. In fact, they are made by adding a lot of recycled materials, and they may even be some inferior foreign materials. Rubbish. Recycled materials, as raw materials for recycling and reprocessing, do have certain environmental protection functions, but the significance for producers lies in their low cost. Large-sized garbage bins are mostly used in municipal waste sorting projects, so the city center performance and sealing performance of large-size garbage bags are particularly important.

Hongwei environmental protection promises never to use recycled materials. It is completely assured. The performance of recycled materials is unstable. In addition to the addition of degradation characteristics, if recycled materials are added to degraded products, the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, and the degradation performance will be unstable. It is a risk to the company, so the company strictly prohibits the use of recycled materials in all links.

Environmentally Friendly Sorting Garbage Bag

2. Novel design, rich color matching

Hongwei Environmental Protection has innovatively developed multi-color sorted garbage bags. Different colors represent different types of garbage recycling. At the same time, it is specially equipped with layout designers to provide customers with a variety of design layouts to meet customer needs and show the vitality of the city.

3. Complete degradation

Environmentally friendly and completely degradable is the company’s product feature. The product relies on the company’s self-developed ecological plastic technology. By adding the company’s EBP degradable masterbatch with independent intellectual property rights in the production process of ordinary polyethylene products, it does not change the performance of the original plastic products. Under the premise, the polyethylene plastic, which originally took hundreds of years to be degraded in nature, will be degraded into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter through light/thermal oxidation and environmental microorganisms in just a few years to accelerate the degradation of water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter, and return to the ecological circle. Completely degraded.


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