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Process of processing convenient bags

2020-09-30 09:59:25

Convenience bags can often be seen in our lives. It can be said that our lives cannot be separated from the convenience bags. In fact, the production process of commonly used convenience bags is also very simple. Black garbage bags usually come across all kinds of convenience bags in supermarkets. The production process of packaging bags is roughly the same. The processing of convenient bags can be divided into four processes: granulation, blow printing, bag pressing and bag cutting. Today we will introduce in detail how convenient bags are formed in toilet bag manufacturers. :

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1. Granulation process: The raw materials for convenient bag processing are careful plastic granules. The waste is sent to the granulator to be cut, heated and melted, and small granules of about 0.3CM are extruded;

2. Blow molding process: The blow molding process is divided into heating and melting part, blowing part, and rewinding part. First, the plastic pellet raw material processed in the previous step is poured into the blow molding machine and melted at high temperature. The plastic melt is evenly stirred and sent to the machine head. The plastic melt (melted plastic pellet material) is extruded from the ring of the machine head under high pressure to form a plastic tube with a thickness of 0.1Cm, and then blown evenly by the blower of the machine head. A thin convenient bag tube is formed by moving, and finally the convenient bag tube is fed into two tightly rolling rollers. The rotation of the two rollers will squeeze out and press the air in the convenient bag tube to become the most primitive long strip. Then the printing equipment will facilitate the printing of the bag, and finally the rewinder will roll it into a cylindrical ball. The key step is completed;

3. Bag pressing process: Put the blow-molded convenient bag balls into the bag press machine and cut them into convenient bags of specific specifications, and seal the two ends of each bag, and then automatically put about a few hundred convenient bags in a stack;

4. Bag cutting process: Put one end of the convenient bag under the knife of the bag cutting machine, and cut off the middle part of one end of the convenient bag under the high pressure of the bag cutting machine to form a handle that is convenient for us to carry.


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