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Drawstring trash bag

Drawstring trash bag

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Garbage bags, as the name suggests, are bags of garbage. A small bag brings great convenience to thousands of households and provides an important guarantee for environmental protection. Environmentally-friendly garbage bags are even conducive to garbage recycling and classification.

Selection criteria

First of all, according to the design concept of environmental protection, choose the garbage bag:

One has to buy "can hold", because general garbage bags can only hold 2/3 of the capacity. If you install it again, you can't close the mouth, which is not conducive to garbage cleaning. Choosing an "automatic closing garbage bag can make full use of the capacity of the garbage bag, and you can pack more garbage, thereby reducing the use of plastic bags.

Second, there are two designs of garbage bags, one is flat bottom and the other is octagonal bottom. The flat-bottomed garbage bag has a large capacity. The octagonal bottom has stronger bearing capacity at multiple points.

The three labels use high-strength PE pure new material, which is more stretchable than the bag body that only uses secondary recycled material, and is more flexible, durable and not easy to puncture. Precautions

Fourth, choose a garbage bag that is easy to close, so that it is conducive to garbage disposal. If the garbage bag is easy to break and leak, and it is not easy to close the mouth, environmental protection workers scattered all over the place while handling the garbage, which is not conducive to environmental protection.


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