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Some small knowledge of plastic packaging

2020-09-30 10:22:01

Aseptic packaging: The sterilized food is packaged in a sterile environment and sealed in a sterilized container. The environmentally-friendly garbage bag Yingkou supermarket bag makes it longer without preservatives and refrigeration. Shelf life.

Moisture-proof packaging: divided into 2 categories. One is to prevent the packaged items from losing moisture, and the other is to prevent the packaged items from absorbing moisture. The former uses a high-barrier packaging material to prevent the moisture in the package from being discharged, and the latter can add a highly hygroscopic material-desiccant to the package.  

Environmentally Friendly Sorting Garbage Bag

Retort pouch: A bag made of flexible composite material to contain food. The food is encapsulated in the bag and sterilized in an autoclave for a short time. The bag can be heated in boiling water before eating. 

Transparent packaging: A package in which all or part of the contents can be seen through the transparent packaging material.  

Shrink packaging: A packaging method in which a product or package is wrapped with a shrink film, and then heated to shrink the film to tightly wrap the product or package.  

Vacuum packaging: a packaging method in which the product is put into an air-tight packaging container, and the air inside the container is removed to make the sealed container reach a predetermined degree of vacuum.  

Inflatable packaging: a packaging method in which the product is put into an airtight packaging container, and the original air in the container is replaced with gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide.  

Quick-frozen packaging: a package that uses freeze-resistant and moisture-resistant packaging materials and quick-freezing technology to allow the frozen contents to be stored for a long time under refrigerated conditions.  

Zip-chain ziplock bag: A plastic film bag that can be repeatedly sealed and opened through the ribs and grooves at the opening after the contents are filled or taken out.  

GMP: The production quality management regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration, which is called the production quality management regulations for pharmaceutical packaging and printing materials in China.  

Spout packaging bag: By adding a hard spout of high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) with a cap to the packaging bag (usually a stand-up bag). According to the different installation positions, it can be divided into vertical installation and oblique installation.


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